miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Revista BRAVO Alemania, 30/9.

El último número de la revista BAVO ha dedicado un artículo a la nueva web oficial de Tokio Hotel..

Os dejamos los escáners y la traducción de dicho artículo en inglés.

Now it all gets serious! Tokio Hotel are preparing a comeback. Bravo has got the first pics...

Pic #1 (Bill)- In the breaks Bill writes (with striking new eye make-up) autographes

Pic #2 (Georg)- Is my hair good? Georg is experimenting with his head

Pic#3 (TH)- Gustav (20), Tom (19), Bill (19) and Georg (22) Start in the Fall with their new sound

Pic #4 (GG)- Fun at the set: Georg takes Gustav (always more frequently with glasses) on his back

Pic#5 (Tom)- Styling expert: Tom searches the clothing rack for the perfect look for the shoot

Pic #6 (Georg)- "During the shooting Georg had been eating bananas all the time, and because of that he didn't came out of the bathroom

Pic #7 (Tom)- Tom without hat, but with bandana. The guitarist has got his own internet blog now at http://www.tokiohotel.de

It's been two years, two long years since the last Tokio Hotel album "Zimmer 483" conquered the world. From then the are waitning for new music from the German world stars. Now it's finally coming again. Inthe Fall the new CD should come and bring a completely new Tokio Hotel-sound. And because the CD would have a beautiful cover, Bill(19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (22) meet at a secret place, to make photo's.

The four guys are in a good mood and excited to finally start again. they're laughing, making cool poses, are being crazy, and sitting on each others back and acting like normal guys. The pressure has finally gone away. Everyone is expecting a big succes. Especially in the USA, the new album will be a big break through.

But Bill &co don't get stressed:"We took extra long time to make this CD" says producer David Jost from LA. "We didn't want any pressure and wanted to try everything. So it doesn't matter to them that the photoshoot is taking forever:two days long, untill late at night. "The ones to blame are Gustav and Georg." laughs Tom ( 19). "They took forever on the make-up chair."
Bill took care of his styling himself and also designed his clothing. And changed his hair to: First lionmanes now long dreadlocks.

New look perfect for the new Album. Now nothing can go wrong anymore.

Gracias por la traducción en inglés a Tom_Reden de Tokio Hotel US

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