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Promoción en Dinamarca: Entrevista para Danish Boogie

Y una entrevista más..

Esta vez la dieron en Dinamarca.. Os la dejamos en inglés junto al video que se grabó. Las preguntas son similares a las que ya se les han ido haciendo durante lo que llevan de promoción, sobre el nuevo album, el rodaje del videoclip, el nuevo estilo de Tokio Hotel, etc..

Tokio Hotel interview with Jeppe and Oliva in Denmark. Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz

Bill: To decide, which song will be the first, is..i belive, always one of the toughest decision. We had written a lot of songs and had taken a lot of time for it. First of all in general, to choose the album tracklist was tough enough. Which 14 songs...they are by now 14 tracks on the album...will make it. If it comes to Automatisch or Automatic...i don't know...we just knew it. Because...we thought...this is the track to give the go for the album. It is the entrance in our new sound-world, also to the things we tried for the album...and..

Tom: But...of course one song is not enough to give you a correct impression of the whole album. If it were up to us...we would love to realese almost 10 songs as first people have the chance to notice...because it is full of different facets...there are such a lot influences on the album. That is very important for us...because an album should never be monotonous.

Bill: It was a very exciting video-shoot. We flew to south africa and shooted for 5 days the video. I always looked forward to hear the song by driving my car. And that is excatly what everybody said about this is a car-drive-song. So, we can definitely say, it has to do with cars. It was a very pleasant was very cold...nobody really expectet that...We thought...ok there are tigers and giraffes..and it will be quite warm. But it was really cold...and it looked a little bit strange...we were shooting in the dessert...the sunshine was shining..and it looked warm...

Tom: looked warm..the sun was shining

Bill: looks like good weather...but it was so cold. In between we had to wear thermal-jackets. But it was a great video-shoot and it was fun.

Bill: We have not attempted to make it sound like this or that. It came along during the recording. In anyway it sounds more electronic..but it is absoluty Tokio Hotel. You notice it it at is us. But we have tried different sounds...because finally we were able to write new songs. We have been touring for a long time with the old stuff, because the english album was released later. And if you think about...i recorded " Durch den Monsun" for the first time on the age of 14...and until now we had been in some way on tour. So it was really a good feeling to write new songs and to see in which direction we wanted to go with our music. For the album we removed ourselves from using only guitar, bass and drums...we tried to create a new sound-world. We wanted to try everything with all the technical stuff, that was available for us.

Tom: It is a bit ridiculous..ja it sounds ridiculous, if a band releases a new album and says...oh..we invented us completly new and we have become adults. If it comes to us...of course Bill's voice had automaticly ( means naturaly) is deeper...but we created the music that we felt and wanted to.

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Anónimo dijo...

Gracias por la info, ¿estuvieron mucho tiempo de promoción en les países del Norte de Europa?

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